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The Key Elements of an Effective Sales Playbook

At the very core of your business, is your sales team. They're on the front line, championing your brand, sniffing out new leads, getting...

The Tell-Tale Signs of Sales Friction & How to Reduce It

Like a lot of businesses, your sales team is at the core of everything you do. Finding new business, getting them over the line, maintaining...

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Top 5 New Sales Hub Enterprise Features We’re Most Excited About

You've probably heard a lot of noise lately around the new HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise features that are being rolled out from now onwards. We...

Treating Your Customers with Empathy Has Never Been More Important

Right now, a lot of Kiwi businesses are feeling them impact of COVID-19 in New Zealand. Some of our favourite and long-standing companies have...

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Ten reasons your business & salespeople need a CRM

There are loads of benefits to upgrading your business with a sales CRM: from financial benefits, to improving your business productivity, to...

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Free spreadsheet so you can compare CRMs

When it comes to finding a decent CRM comparison tool, it's surprisingly hard – much harder than it needs to be.

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How to Track Your Customer’s Buyer Journey without Being a Creep

Sales techniques have come a long way since we used to door-knock or call prospective clients 12 times an hour, just to force this discount or...

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Gettin’ Chatty Wit’ It: How B2B Sales Teams Can Make Money from B2C Sales Experiences

Why is online chat (and specifically chatbots) the Next. Big. Thing? Well, 20 years ago shopping was done in via bricks and mortar. Or, if you...

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It’s Not the Dirty ‘C’ Word Anymore: Why New CRMs Will Transform How You Do Sales

Forget relying on Excel spreadsheets, handwritten notes and your memory to connect with and convert a customer; for as long as modern sales...

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