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6 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Helps You Make Better Decisions

From customer satisfaction surveys to subscribing to a brand’s newsletter, data is all around us - and it’s the key to making critical business...

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How Apple's iOS 14.5 Update is Changing Digital Advertising

One of Apple's most anticipated privacy changes in years has arrived with the release of iOS 14.5. The most notable and consequential feature...

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Why The Covid-19 Crisis Means You Need to Tighten Your Cyber Security

If you didn't catch the recent NZ Herald article, the sudden changes that businesses are experiencing as a result of COVID-19 are having the...

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Google is Saying Farewell to Third-Party Cookies: Here's What You Need to Know

Just a few weeks ago, Google released news that stirred up the marketing world and forced digital marketers to rethink how their future strategies...

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What is 'Single Customer View' And Why You Need It

Imagine this: You have customers in your CRM, your customer service platform, and your marketing platform.

Now think of what would happen if X person...

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Why we created Hype & Dexter

Four years ago I was preparing one of New Zealand’s few $100m Ecommerce businesses to be part of an IPO.

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