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Digital Transformation – Success Story: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Rotorua Canopy Tours
  • Zipline Pioneers
  • Conservation Leaders
  • Award Winners
  • Revamped website to improve responsiveness and conversion
  • $1Mil in sales from the dormant customer database 
  • $500K in gift-voucher sales 
  • Increase sales during the off-season months 
  • Develop their presence in off-shore markets  


“The tangible impact that Hype & Dexter’s services, and the learnings from the work undertaken, has had on key organisational metrics of our company has been truly transformative to our marketing, sales and operations.”

The Hype & Dexter Solution
  • An SEO strategy to ensure 1st page Google ranking - in a highly competitive market
  • A fully optimised and responsive website - a brand new suit for a stunning proposition
  • Reignite a dormant database and promote the brand new ‘ultimate tour’ 
  •  ‘always on’ global and local digital strategies to find, convert and delight new audiences
  • Cleanse, activate, nurture and monetise the idle customer database to generate a new stream of revenue and referral
  • Integration to achieve perfect flow from lead to customer to advocate
  • Consolidate multiple platforms to create a single-view of the customer
  • Scoped, sourced (and negotiated) to get the right tech to maximise the opportunities. 

It’s never all PLAIN SAILING
  • We know that, even with all the testing in the world, new technology can have teething issues. It can even break.
  • When we first went live with the new website and integrations, sales initially looked to have stalled. But after an ‘all-night party’ find the issue, we isolated the problem in the analytics and were able to remedy it quickly. The outcome: sales were actually on the up and up.  

“One of our core values at Hype & Dexter is accountability. We plan for things breaking, not working the first time, looking for better ways. When you’re transforming systems and building new stuff from the ground up you need to prepare and prepare the customer for change, agility, analysis and pivot – all of which we’re well-versed in due to our silicon-valley style agile model.”

Key Revenue & Efficiency Drivers Delivered for Rotorua Canopy Tours


  • It’s been one heck of a journey with Rotorua Canopy Tours
  • Once we got under the hood, we realised our brief needed to be much broader than initially presented. We identified big opportunities to be harnessed in the underused databases and a complex mix of various systems and software taping things together – a common theme in many businesses.
  • When the website started performing and hitting conversion goals, we were given the scope to transform several key areas of the business. 
  • We proved our expertise in database marketing by delivering over $300k in revenue from our first three emails… from there we were entrusted to propose and deliver their entire digital marketing strategy.
  • We also simplified and integrated their tech stack in order to deliver complex customer journeys and exceptional end-to-end experiences.
The success continues..

We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline and it’s a continual relationship of growth and refinement. We’re learning and optimising, but also tapping into new avenues to reach new audiences, while smashing some lofty revenue goals, every step of the way.

“Hype & Dexter are a part of our business to deliver the year’s plan and the vision beyond that.” “You know you trust a company when you stop asking “how much” and just trust them to do what’s in your best interest at a good price. That’s how I feel about Hype & Dexter. 

Thanks for kicking ass for us.”

  • The business wasn’t realising its full potential nor capitalising on big opportunities in the data and technology spaces. 

  • Thought the required solutions were too expensive and too difficult to implement
  • Needed a smoother and easier experience through their digital signup and purchase process.
Fail fast – win bigger. 

Once we’d uncovered the source of the cart issue, we really started seeing some serious growth from the new digital setup. 

Everything started growing. In the months before our partnership, Rotorua Canopy Tours had experienced a plateau in overall sales and with the new setup in place, they began to see month on month growth and the strongest summer of sales ever realised 

This is during a time in New Zealand tourism where all of their tourism peers were experiencing a decline!

  • 30% Yoy Growth In Online Revenue
  • $500k+ In Voucher Sales
  • 67.46% Increase In Sales From International Visitors

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