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"With a large marketing team and an existing marketing automation system, we were looking for technical masters to help us transition to Hubspot. The Hype & Dexter team provided not only technical expertise, but excellent creative direction and amazing project management. They have helped us not only seamlessly transition but worked to reshape our current marketing programme and build out our future strategy. With knowledge and skills in all the areas of the marketing mix, I would not hesitate to recommend the team."

Karla Byrnes

Senior Marketing Campaigns Manager, Unleashed Software

"Hype & Dexter have truly transformed the way that we source and service new investors. Our acquisition strategies are more cost-effective than ever, and our ability to engage with our customers has improved massively."

Heather Kentsley

Investor Relationship Manager, Southern Cross Partners

"The Hype and Dexter team did a fantastic job in planning and managing our move to HubSpot. Right from the start they got our requirements to provide funnel transparency for prospects, to measure how effective our content and engagement activities were, and to sync seamlessly with Salesforce. We now have a clear picture of the prospect, lead and customer journey and can measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities at each stage. This means we can conduct experiments, test results, and then move quickly to scale the best activities."

David Procter

Marketing Manager, Unleashed Software

"Hype & Dexter have enabled us to do a lot more, they are relentless in fixing stuff and improving it. It’s been a huge win to add them, and HubSpot, to our business. We’re well on our way to achieving our goals. Hype & Dexter has given us the tools we need to chase down these goals and we wouldn’t have even dreamed of attempting to achieve these without the HubSpot platform setup."

Neil Smart

National Sales Manager, EFTPOS NEW ZEALAND


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